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How does it work?

We serve a large number of food events in Melbourne including that of primary schools, university student groups, NGOs and catering companies. Whether your priority is sustainability, healthier protein, inclusive food options or just a hassle-free BBQ, we’ve got you covered!

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Not convinced yet? Want to try the food first? No worries! Order a free sample! Just head over to our convenient online sample order form and let the magic unfold as we bring you delicious food wherever and whenever you want it with free delivery!

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We bring you the perfect university BBQ

In just our first 30 days of operation, we replaced 15,000 meals with delicious, climate-friendly alternatives at Melbourne’s top universities such as Monash University, RMIT University, University of Melbourne and more! With convenient online ordering, affordable prices, free delivery and a hassle-free experience, we are a favorite among student groups. With more and more students embracing sustainability, our climate-friendly BBQs are all the rage.

If you’re looking to source food for a BBQ at your university, you’re going to love us!


We bring you healthier school canteens

Children can be fussy eaters and pleasing them with health considerations in mind is not easy. That’s why we bring you the best of both worlds by offering you the food they love, such as burgers, schnitzels, nuggets and sausage rolls, minus the health and environmental toll of conventional meat.

We are the top choice for schools looking to upgrade their canteen offerings with a healthier and climate-friendly twist, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!


We empower you to serve sustainable food wherever whenever

Are you a catering company, NGO, hospital or other institution looking to serve delicious, sustainable food? Look no further! Our food options are guaranteed crowd-pleasers with the added perk of being inclusive. Conventional meat alienates those with special requirements and that entails the extra effort to source special options. Our food is for everyone whether they want halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian, cholesterol-free or gluten-free. But what about the cost you ask?

Surely, this must come at a higher price? Since we are a charity, we are able to mediate between you and the manufacturer and offer you the very best at insanely low prices! Check out our products and pricing now!


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Sustainability made simple

Conventional meat is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, trucks, planes, ships and all of global transportation combined! With alternative meat, we can cut down our climate footprint drastically while enjoying the food we love!

While every organization wants to serve more sustainable food at their events, these options are usually too expensive or inconvenient. As a not-for-profit program, we subsidise the cost of sustainable food products, making them affordable for everyone.

Have more questions on food and sustainability? We have compiled answers in a nutshell for all the common questions on the topic on our Q&A page. Or visit our page on sustainability.


How big is the impact?

When you run an event with just 100 serves of our popular schnitzels instead of conventional meat,


Use our nifty impact calculator to calculate your impact!


Our Goals 

We’ve got some ambitious goals. In 2019, we want to save:

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1,280,000 showers worth of water

Mobile BBQ Element3 Land.png

300 cricket fields of land

Mobile BBQ Element3 GHG.png

Greenhouse gas emissions equal to driving your car for 658,000 km

Mobile BBQ Element3 Energy.png

1,627,000 light bulbs worth of energy

But we can’t do this alone.


The Food You Choose can
save the world


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