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Does what I eat affect climate change?

Farms emitted 6 billion tonnes of GHGs in 2011, or about 13 percent of total global emissions. That makes the agricultural sector the world’s second-largest emitter, after the energy sector - World Resources Institute So what you eat has a considerable impact on climate change, more than your transport and other activities!


How exactly does food production contribute to global warming?

Every stage of food production comes with an environmental cost, but the biggest involve animal farming such as deforestation for pasture land and feed crops; a double whammy for the environment (losing the forest cover which filters CO2 from the air and replacing it with animals who release global warming gases). Cows, sheep, goats and other ruminant animals release methane which is over 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas than CO2. Greenhouse gases are also generated by animal manure, rice paddies, fossil fuels used for farm operations, fertilizer production and transportation, especial long distance shipping.


What is the climate impact of the food I choose?

Meat and dairy have the highest climate impact since they are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, ships, planes and global transportation combined!

Plant-based foods have the least impact with drastically less greenhouse gas emissions.

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What can I do to reduce my food-related climate impact?

The idea of giving up our favorite food and eating salad all the time does not appeal to most of us, but the good news is that it does not have to be that way! With the awesome innovations in the alternative protein industry of recent times, you can enjoy the foods you love without giving up anything, while drastically cutting down your climate impact and improving your health*. How cool is that!

*The World Health Organization has classified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) in the same category as tobacco smoking and asbestos. “Processed meat” includes sausages, burger patties, lunch meats, jerky, ham and bacon. Red meat which means mammalian meat such as that from cows, goats and pigs have been classified as a Group 2 carcinogen. Cooking meat at high temperatures with direct contact with a hot surface is also found to release carcinogenic substances.


What are the sustainable protein alternatives that you offer?

We have several products in our portfolio which are proven to be crowd-pleasers at any BBQ or food event! They come with added perks such as inclusivity so you don’t have to worry about ordering special options for those with dietary constraints (given that our products are plant-based, they are Halal and Kosher by default, as well as free from allergens such as lactose). You can order a free sample to try our food firsthand!


With the rising popularity of our products at universities and schools in Melbourne, we are expanding our product range to include more delicious protein alternatives, so stay tuned!

Curious to know what student bodies from top universities have to say about holding BBQs with us?


What exactly will I save if I order your products instead of conventional meat?

With every 100 schnitzels you serve in place of conventional meat, you save :

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We have devised an easy calculator for you to calculate your impact when you replace conventional meat with our schnitzels!


Since your products are shipped from South Africa, isn’t it better for me to just opt for locally-sourced beef?

Surprisingly, even with the transportation emissions factored into the calculation, our products are still way better for the environment than locally-sourced beef. Here is why :


What about the cost and the order process if I order from you?

Since we are a charity dedicated to making sustainable food accessible to all, we are able to offer you delicious sustainable products at a price that’s even lower than conventional meat. Just head over to our convenient online order form to place an order and we bring it to wherever you want it, whenever you want it, free of charge!

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Is it hard to cook your food?

It’s very easy to cook our food. In fact, we have a simple video guide with easy steps to cook our popular schnitzels to perfection!

Watch the video guide

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