We’re a charity bringing you delicious, sustainable
food at affordable prices!


Sustainable made simple

While every organization wants to serve more sustainable food at their events, these options are usually too expensive or inconvenient. As a not-for-profit program, we subsidise the cost of sustainable food products, making them affordable for everyone.

We also offer free next-day delivery to make the sustainable choice the easy choice.

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How big is the impact?


when you run an event with just 100 serves of food.


Our Goals 

We’ve got some ambitious goals. In 2019, we want to save:

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1,280,000 showers worth of water

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293 cricket fields worth of land

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657,884 km worth of greenhouse gas emissions

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1,629,000 lightbulbs
worth of


But we can’t do this alone.

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What do our customers think?


The Food You Choose can
save the world


Want to make your next food event more sustainable?
We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today.

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