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The best of both worlds

We get it—catering at schools is hard. Not only do you have to make sure the students genuinely enjoy what's being served, you still have to make a profit. You want to choose the most sustainable, inclusive and healthy food options for schools, but there are barriers in the way. Whether you run a canteen, are part of a parent’s association, or provide lunch orders—choosing more sustainable foods isn’t always the most affordable or convenient option.

Born from University students that were frustrated with the difficulty of sourcing sustainable food, The Food You Choose is a non-profit sustainable food supplier. We buy food at cost from the manufacturer and sell it on at the same price, with free delivery and best in class service. We do all the hard work for you—ensuring that you get the most sustainable, best-tasting products at affordable prices.


Sustainability made easy

Conventional food served at school canteens and events are unsustainable. Be it greenhouse gas emissions, water usage or land usage, conventional canteen supplies tend to use a significant amount of resources to create. So what’s the alternative? TFYC sources food made from alternative protein sources that are produced much more sustainably.

With every BBQ of 100 TFYC schnitzels instead of beef...


Healthy food for every child

Healthy food in schools has been a subject of great discussion lately, with the World Health Organisation classifying red and processed meats as potential cancer risks. This basically boils down to students needing to eat a little more plant-based foods and a little less meat. We want to make these healthier foods more accessible for everyone without compromising on taste or making anyone feel like they’re eating a “healthy” option.

Serving food at schools is a great way to bring students together, sharing the common experience of gathering around to “break bread” with each other. But, not everyone gets to participate in these shared experiences. Despite best efforts at making “options” available, students who follow Halal, Kosher, Hindu or Jain diets are often forced to either eat their own, “separate” food ostracising them from the other students.


Tasty food to please the fussiest eater

We get it—sustainable doesn’t usually go hand in hand with “tasty”, but trust us—this food is delicious. We replace 10,000 serves of conventional food per month, with amazing feedback from our customers. The Food You Choose can save the world Want to make your next food event more sustainable? We’d love to hear from you.

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