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Why are people choosing us? 

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When you order our schnitzels instead of the traditional meat products, you save a lot of resources! Use our impact calculator to find out how much!

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We provide you with wholesale prices by working directly with manufacturers

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Since all the food options we source are plant-based, we can ensure all food options are certified Halal and Kosher

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The majority of students we polled said the food tasted the same as conventional options, if not better!

Case study: Female Engineers of Monash (FEM)

Female Engineers of Monash University helps university students to connect with each other and with people in the industry.

Like other university groups, they also have a tradition of holding BBQs, but due to the hassle of procuring affordable food and transporting it to the venue, they have opted to just have pancakes…

…until they heard of us! With our easy online ordering, they just had to place the order, and we delivered it right where they needed it at exactly the right time! And just like that, they had the perfect BBQ with our delicious, sustainable schnitzels!

 Some of the people we work with:

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The Food You Choose can
save the world


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