Having the perfect BBQ has never been easier with our super tasty, affordable burgers, schnitzels, satays, nuggets and sausage rolls, at just a fraction of the environmental cost of conventional meat!

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Make your BBQ experience a breeze

Born of university students, we at TFYC know all too well that organizing food events can be stressful. But that is all going to change when you order from us!

With just a few quick steps online in the comfort of your home or on the road, you can just place your order with us. Then sit back and let the magic unfold as we bring you delicious food wherever and whenever on campus with free delivery! We provide you with everything you need to make your event a success and more, with simple cooking guidance to cook your food to perfection, social-media-ready infographics on your impact to share with your following and even reinforcements if you’re short on hands to help out on the big day!

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Taking affordability to the next level

We know that you care about sustainability but sustainable food is usually out of reach due to its hefty price tag. Since we are a charity, we can mediate between you and the manufacturer and ensure that you get the most climate-friendly food at insanely low prices! And don’t forget free delivery and amazing service at no added cost!

Want to see how much it would cost per serve? Check out our products and prices now!

Worry no more about catering for everyone

Whenever you organize food events, you may have that lingering worry about catering to various diets. It is certainly not to be taken lightly since sharing food is important for bonding and togetherness, and if a requirement is not addressed, you risk alienating students. When you order from us, you can wave your worries away because we have the added perk of inclusiveness so you never need to bother about hunting for special options.

Our food is for everyone, whether they want halal, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, cholesterol-free or gluten-free. When our popular food is served, no one has to eat their “special” options off to the side!


 Take a stand against climate change

When you serve delicious food while effectively fighting against one
of the biggest crises threatening our existence today, that’s a massive win!
Join the league of student groups from leading universities in Melbourne
partnering with us to make a powerful impact on behalf of our planet with every serve of conventional meat you replace with our sustainable protein!
Change has never been easier—or tastier!

With every 100 of our yummy schnitzels instead of beef sausages of equal weight,


Find out your impact when you order from us by using our impact calculator.
But what makes our food sustainable you ask? Check out our sustainability page for more information!

Have more general questions on food and its relation to climate change?
Head over to our convenient Q&A page on that very topic!

 The Food You Choose can
save the world

Want to make your next food event more sustainable?
We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today!

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